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We are always seeking self-motivated individuals who are interested in pursuing a PhD. If this describes you, then please consider the two options below for joining the group! Both options will cover the cost of tuition and provide a stipend to offset the cost of living.


Important considerations regarding a doctoral degree in Australia:

  • The typical PhD takes 3-4 years to complete and includes limited or no coursework. The ideal candidate either has a Masters degree already or is an undergraduate with multiple courses taken in fluid mechanics and some experience with research.

  • All students are co-advised, though the second advisor may be only tangentially involved. This provides an opportunity to learn from multiple academics. Possible co-advisors include Kapil Chauhan, Chengwang Lei, and Federico Maggi.

Option #1: government scholarship

Every application to the university can be automatically considered for a Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship provided by the government. The scholarships are always available and provide flexibility in the topic of the doctoral research, but the scholarship can be fairly competitive for international applicants.

To express interest in this option, please send Michael ( a copy of your CV/resume and a description of how your research topic of interest aligns with (or complements) the group. Also refer to the university website for the application deadline that occurs twice per year.

Option #2: funded project

The second option provides the opportunity to work directly on an existing project that includes funding support for a PhD student. Unfortunately, all current funded opportunities have already been allocated to other students.

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